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25 Tools every Learning Professional should have in their Toolbox – and all for FREE! (2008 version) 二月 20, 2009

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Note: The 2009 version of the 25 Tools resource will be available after the next round of voting for the Top 100 Tools for Learning.

In March 2008 over 200 learning professionals worldwide contributed their Top 10 Tools for Learning.  From this we compiled Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008 list.  These tools are the most popular free tools in 25 tool categories.  They are a mix of personal productivity tools (for managing personal learning) as well as authoring tools (for creating learning solutions). Many of them are Web 2.0 tools that promote a social, collaborative, sharing approach to learning.

25 Tools Information and Mini Tutorials
Here you can find out more about the Tools: The Info pages link to pages where you can find more general info about the tools and why learning professionals selected them as one of their Top 10 Tools. 
Tutorials (where available) are part of the A Guide to Social Learning resource in the C4LPT Social Learning Network. If you are a learning professional, you can join the Network to discuss your use of the tools

  Info Pages Tutorials
1 Firefox Firefox Web browsing  – with Firefox
2 Delicious Delicious Social bookmarking  – with Delicious
3 Google Reader Google Reader Subscribing to blog and news feeds – using Google Reader
4 gMail gMail Webmailing  – with gMail
5 Skype Skype Instant messaging  – with Skype and Yugma
19 Yugma Yugma
6 Google Calendar Google Calendar Sharing your calendar – with Google Calendar
7 Google Docs Google Docs Collaborating on an online document-  using Google Docs
8 iGoogle iGoogle Keeping track of your resources – using iGoogle
9 Slideshare Slideshare Presentation sharing- using  Slideshare 
10 Flickr flickr Photo sharing – using Flickr
11 Voicethread Voicethread Setting up a collaborative presentation – using Voicethread
12 WordPress WordPress Writing a blog – using WordPress
13 Audacity Audacity Creating a podcast – with Audacity
14 YouTube YouTube Video sharing – using YouTube
15 Jing Jing Creating screenshots and screencasts – using Jing
17 Polldaddy Polldaddy Sharing a poll – using Polldaddy
18 Nvu (now discontinued but available as  Kompozer) Nvu/Kompozer not available
16 PBWik  PBwiki not available
20 Ustream Ustream Live broadcasting – using Ustream
21 Ning Ning Joining a social network – on Ning
Setting up a social network – using Ning
22 Freemind Freemind not available
23 eXe eXe not available
24 Moodle Moodle Creating a formal online learning space – using Moodle
25 Twitter Twitter Micro-blogging – using Twitter

Reviews of the 25 Tools resource

“Jane Hart is a great eLearning professional because she pins down what is important and distributes it to anyone who is interested”. Ignatia, 17 June 2008
Seb Schmoller reviews the 25 Tools PD resource in his Fortnightly Mailing, 13 April 2008
AlphaPlus Centre blog in Toronto Canada reviews the 25 Tools PD resource, 13 April 2008
“I highly recommend going to the site and working through the activities for any of the tools you are unfamiliar with  ..” Computer Science Teachers Association, the Advocate, April 2008
“25 Tools Professional Development Programme “is one of many produced by Jane Hart. Its an interesting compilation of ‘free’ tools’ , many of which you are probably aware of. It’s a resource that’s being constantly updated. Well worth exploring and getting to grips with some of these useful tools. One of the nice things about the site is that it provides you with some simple tasks so you can get an idea of what each tool does.”  E-Learning Watch, 1 April 2008
Jenny Lucas writes about the 25 Tools Professional Development opportunity in her blog, Lucacept, 31 March 2008



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